2024 Symposium May 9 - June 1


In May 2009 artists came from Vietnam, the  Italy, Israel, Bulgaria/Canada and the United States.

Steps to Respect-500w

Steps To Respect

Nature small and big forms of the vegetal and human world provides the inspiration for Michele Golia’s work. It is characterized by constant and often minimalist movement, details that escape our observation during everyday life.

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Path of Truth

I imagine humanity as if comprised of layers. Some layers are thicker, some more modest, all piled from the past to future. This sculpture is but a segment of this image. It starts from within the earth holding our ancestors’ layers within.

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ancient future 2021

Ancient Future

This sculpture represents the past and the future. As it ascends, the form becomes more refined, relating to the past being unfinished and rough, the future, (as we hope in our minds) is more perfect. We wish to make it better.

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Luben writes that “through my work I attempt to grasp the inherent rift and accord between humans and the world around us in our indefatigable search for a place between the atoms and the stars.”

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