2025 Symposium May 8 - May 31

2013 'Latino Culture'

In 2013, artists from Venezuela, Peru and Costa Rica focused on Latino culture.


La Familia

The family is central to the Latino culture. Families provide a setting for much of the growth experienced in life. In family environments, individuals love, serve, teach, and learn from each other, sharing joys and sorrows. Latino families instill in their children the importance of honor, good manners, and respect for authority and the elderly.

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Walk Through Triumph-500w

A Walk Through Triumph

The lowest person has one foot on land and one foot on the block and represents an immigrant coming to the United States; the second one has each foot on a different block and shows their hard work and progression; the third one is stepping off the last block, representing moving on to the next stage of life.

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Latin American Bus

The public bus is an important feature in Central and South America. Many people do not have transportation other than the bus. The bus is an everyday necessity, especially for people of lesser means to get to school, work, and shopping.

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