2024 Symposium May 9 - June 1

2015 'Reflections on the River'

In 2015, artists from Bulgaria, Ireland and Zimbabwe create sculptures with the theme: “Reflections on the River”



Passage was created to follow the 2015 Nashua Sculpture Symposium theme: “Reflections on the River.” Inspiration came from the Native American references to the Nashua River, a beautiful river with a pebbled bottom.

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Mother and Child

When I say mother and child, I not only refer to the biological scenario of human life but also to the life of nature, the life of the rivers of Nashua which have brought the community together in the way a mother will always bind families together.

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My starting point for this sculpture was to research the area of Nashua City which is set alongside the meeting of two rivers. I concentrated particularly on the journey of these two rivers; the Nashua and the Merrimack.

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