2024 Symposium May 9 - June 1

2021 Sculptors


Gavin Kenyon, New York

Gavin Kenyon, Born 1980 in Binghamton New
York, lives and works in New York. He is
represented by Galleria Zero, Milan.
Mass, tension, balance, membranes, surface
quality and color. Working at the limits of
materials with an attention to how matter
behaves under stress. Finding equilibrium in
failure. The abject position. These strategies
and elements are used in Kenyon’s sculptures
to speak of the frailty of bodies, loss, isolation
and psychological repression on one hand as
well as connection, care and the tenacity of
life on the other

Nora Valdez, Argentina

Nora Valdez is an international sculptor from
Argentina. In 1982 she graduated with the title
of Professor of Fine Art in San Luis, Argentina. In
1984 she moved to Perugia Italy where she
further developed and exhibited her work. In
1985 she started working in marble in Zaragoza,
Spain. In 1986 she moved to Boston MA.
Her work has been exhibited and installed in
permanent public spaces in Europe, Asia, North
and South America and USA.
She uses sculpture and installations to create
images that reflect on the nature of change. For
the past years, her work has focused on the
nature of home and the immigrant experience.
Her thematic concerns are also reflected in her
involvement with the community.

Sam Finkelstein, Maine

Sam Finkelstein was born in New York City,
and currently lives in Rockland, Maine. His
work centers on the human body as the link
between the psychic states of everaccelerating metropolitan centers and those of
more time-expansive pastoral landscapes. This
exploration manifests in sculpted stone,
poetry, drawings, and music. Finkelstein is
interested in his work primarily registering on
a nonverbal level – something rooted in a
primordial, energetic collective knowledge
that we share with plants, trees, fellow
animals, and the heavenly bodies of the