2024 Symposium May 9 - June 1

The Sculptures



One survivor stands among the fallen.
Are they brethren or victims?
Ancestors, or contemporaries?



“Within” is taking us to an inner space to suggest looking at ourselves…



Mirror utilizes simple geometric and figurative forms to
represent a simultaneity of body and landscape.

Soft Cones -500w

Soft Cones

Loosely modeled after the Eastern White Pine cone (Pinus Strobus), these three sculptures are in various states of opening and closing.

MMemorial to Midday -500w

Memorial to Midday

These stones were considered outcasts, rejected by their extractors and cast aside. They have since been broken, assembled, and placed with each other

Germination of the Spirit -500w

Germination of a Spirit

As the idea evolves progressively we achieve greater aspects of what we are in all spheres of life. Nothing comes of nothing but from something hence evolving point.


Cloud Hands

CLOUD HANDS is a sculpture about the center. The center is created by humanity — the surrounding is different aspects of nature. Hopefully, the twain are in balance.