2025 Symposium May 8 - May 31

Bird Dreaming 2

ARTIST: Jocelyn Pratt

HOME: New Zealand

LOCATION: 3 Pine Street


“As society continues to evolve and develop, we continue to have an impact on our environment and all species. This work is suggestive of a better outcome, how we care for animals and biodiversity, advancing creative solutions to save many species from extinction around the world.”


Jocelyn Pratt is an established New Zealand sculptor presenting modernist interpretive works representative of natural forms. Ms Pratt favours working with local resources, exploring and enhancing the natural qualities of stone with polish and texture techniques.
 Her works are tactile and suggestive of a restful gentle form, a juxtaposition of the natural solidity and strength of the stone and concept.
Many of Jocelyn’s works are evocative of her surrounding environment, nature, culture, and socio-political effects on the environment and people. Current forms (leaf, seed and moon series) are her interpretation of the continuing cycles of nature and regeneration and also suggestive for society to evolve. The anchor concept represents stability, holding people to a place and also mooring ideals and values.
Participating in more than 70 symposia and in numerous exhibitions Jocelyn’s sculptures are held in public and private collections throughout New Zealand and Internationally.


Sponsored by:

Judy and Bob Carlson
Elaine and George Oulundsen
Dottie Silber
The Picker Artists