2024 Symposium May 9 - June 1

Cloud Hands

ARTIST: Jon Barlow Hudson


LOCATION: The intersection of West Hollis Street and Main Dunstable Road


“CLOUD HANDS is a sculpture about the center. The center is created by humanity — the surrounding is different aspects of nature. Hopefully, the twain are in balance.”


Jon Barlow Hudson was born in Montana in 1945. Since receiving his MFA in 1972 from Cal-Arts, followed by 2 years at a CA gold mine, he has been creating large-scale sculpture projects for public environments throughout the United States.

Jon creates sculpture in a wide variety of materials such as: granite, marble, stainless steel, bronze, steel, wood, color, water, light, fiber optics, various types of glass and natural elements. Types of sculpture installation, most of which are created site-specific, include: exterior sculpture, interior sculpture, atrium sculpture, suspended sculpture installations, wall-mounted sculpture, environmental sculpture and sculpture fountains.

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