2025 Symposium May 8 - May 31


ARTIST: Kim Sunjin

HOME: Korea

LOCATION: Mine Falls Park, 7th Street Bridge


In the beginning I made a soft-looking backpack out of stone. I came to express my thoughts as “CROCODILIAN” which is a cloak so the inner story would not be revealed. It needs strength to lift a heavy stone. The strength represents money and power. It is a contradiction to feel satisfaction without an ability or a power to be able to afford the expense of it. The backpack, the brand- name handbag, the alligator bag, and a crocodile leather-look cover are examples of my work. Still my work wasn’t bringing out the inner story which was covered by a shell.

While I was working in the same way in Nashua, I inserted a message: “Love.” I felt warmth and kindness from the people around me while I was making my sculpture. There are hidden words in the image of the “leather” on the surface of the stone. I made “CROCODILIAN” with a wish to communicate with people who do not know how to speak up well. I leave this sculpture forever in Nashua, NH, U.S.A.


My parents raised me in a very strict and conservative home environment. Girls were not allowed to talk or laugh loudly. This behavior was considered lady’s etiquette. I could not express myself for the things I liked or disliked. I was passive and shy. I couldn’t speak up in front of others.

In Korea, brand- name bags are very popular among women. There are also imitation bags that look like the real thing. Then there are the real brand-name bags which look like imitations! All are illusions: a woman feels as if she possesses an elegance and a dignity by carrying an expensive brand-name. She shows off with the accessory. I think it is just a packaging or covering to present one’s self to others. Women show off one’s look to other people rather than to one’s own satisfaction. The prices of these brand-name bags weigh as heavy as stones.

Many times people carry a bag with them so that spectators can only imagine and interpret the story of what could be inside. Persons like me, who are not assertive or active, cover our behavior towards other people either intentionally or unintentionally.


Sponsored by:

  • Peter & Suzanne Brown
  • Jack & Audrey Emmerich
  • Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Duchesne & Family
  • Jill Adams Gage
  • Kathy and Larry Hersh
  • The Kipers Family
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