2024 Symposium May 9 - June 1


ARTIST: Luben Boykov

HOME: Bulgaria/Newfoundland, Canada

LOCATION:Rotary Common, Downtown Nashua


“The present moment of meeting becoming a place in the future.”

Luben writes that “through my work I attempt to grasp the inherent rift and accord between humans and the world around us in our indefatigable search for a place between the atoms and the stars.” The stick figures are relatively generic to represent male and female engaged in this magical encounter. It is about those very special moments in life when two people barely touch their fingertips, moments that last an instant but also last an eternity. The emphasis is on them barely touching to saturate this negative space between their fingertips with their presence.  The six-foot figures stand on top of eight-foot stone columns — the arch between them can mimic the arching of trees and branches in nature.


Luben Boykov was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and in 1990 moved to Canada to make Newfoundland his new home. He operates and owns the Garden Studio and Foundry and the Boreal Sculpture Garden in Flatrock, NL. He has exhibited nationally and internationally and has many sculptural commissions and awards to his credit.

Recently Luben’s work has been exhibited in a solo exhibition at the Rooms Provincial Art Gallery; Orvieto, Italy; Salt Lake City, Utah; Loveland, Colorado; Sofia, Bulgaria and Washington, DC.  Read more about Luben on his website.

Sponsored by:
Darold Rorabacher & Patricia Ahern