2025 Symposium May 8 - May 31

For Frank Lloyd Wright

ARTIST: Vaclav Fiala

HOME: Czech Republic

LOCATION: Temporarily in storage


“My sculptures resemble architecture.  By contrast, they are often in small and impractical spaces, often to pay homage to the actual architects.”


Vaclav Fiala carefully chooses the architectural settings in which he prefers to display his architectonic sculptures.  The poem on the right expresses his thinking about Frank Lloyd Wright, who the AIA listed in 1991 as “the greatest American architect of all time.” His minimal, geometric forms contribute to the frontier of architecture by changing the emotions evoked by place. The physical exertion required of Vaclav to create the large-scale sculptures in wood and/or steel attests to his commitment to an intuitive, hands-on, art-making process. It is his love of and commitment to the creative process that allows him to communicate with space, people, and God through his art.

For Frank Lloyd Wright-400h
Sponsored by:
Charles and Meri Goyette