2024 Symposium May 9 - June 1

Like a Wave

ARTIST: Anna Alvina Miller

HOME: Connecticut

LOCATION: Commercial St.


“You did not come into this world. You
came out of it, like a wave from the ocean.
You are not a stranger here.”
-Alan Watts

MATERIAL: Lake Champlain Black Marble (limestone), Stainless Steel,
and Fossils.


Anna Alvina Miller was raised in Tucson, AZ and primarily makes kinetic and interactive sculpture.
She graduated with her BFA in 2017 from the University of Arizona and earned her MFA from Yale School of Art in 2020.
In addition to her sculptural practice, Anna has worked in ceramics, drawing, painting, and custom fabrication. She was an associate of the Boathouse Gallery in Tucson and has showed in Arizona galleries, and exhibitions along the east coast.
She currently lives with her partner on a sailboat in New Haven, where they are creating a traveling artist residency on a boat.

Sponsored by:
Casey Holt/Ideabenders.com
In memory of Brian McCarthy, a Nashua hero