ARTIST: Sam Finkelstein

HOME: Rockland, Maine.

LOCATION:  Courtyard at 6 Church Street


“Mirror utilizes simple geometric and figurative forms to
represent a simultaneity of body and landscape.
The sculpture focuses attention towards what is framed


West Rutland, Vermont Marble



Sam Finkelstein was born in New York City, and currently lives in Rockland, Maine. His work centers on the human body as the link between the psychic states of ever-accelerating metropolitan centers and those of more time-expansive pastoral landscapes. This exploration manifests in sculpted stone, poetry, drawings, and music. Finkelstein is interested in his work primarily registering on a nonverbal level – something rooted in a primordial, energetic collective knowledge that we share with plants, trees, fellow animals, and the heavenly bodies of the cosmos.

SPONSORED BY: Bob and Judy Carlson, The Picker Artists, LLC