2024 Symposium May 9 - June 1

Path of Truth

ARTIST: Sarah Mae Wasserstrum

HOME: Israel

LOCATION: Rotary Common in downtown Nashua


“From the Origin layers of Humanity, we are connected by a common denominator.”

Stone, born of our planet’s immense power, contains the elements of an unimaginable stretch of time. It is a reminder that we too are continually living, learning, in transit. Learning life’s lessons can enable us to achieve new emotional ground. If we are lucky, we learn both our true limitations and how far they can be beyond our own belief. Each time we have the option to emerge wiser, stronger, and more competent. In transit between phases of genesis, this stone embraces yet more life. At the same time, it holds the past and is potent with future promise.


Sarah Mae Wasserstrum privately studied sculpture in Ein Hod, Israel starting in 1988 before pursuing sculpture studies at the Tel Aviv Museum Academy of Fine Art in Israel.  She also attended a Master’s program in Environmental Art at Haifa University in Israel. She has participated in solo and group exhibitions.  Her work is both indoor and outdoor and pieces by the artist are currently owned by private collectors as well as public and corporate collections in Israel, the U.S.A., Japan and Germany.  For more information, please visit her website.

I imagine humanity as if comprised of layers. Some layers are thicker, some more modest, all piled from the past to future. This sculpture is but a segment of this image. It starts from within the earth holding our ancestors’ layers within. Some are here now. The future is to be imagined climbing to the sky.  Through us all runs a common denominator, touching us all. We have the ability to grow through this universal truth. May we do our best!

Sponsored by:
Garry & Joanna Clarke-Pounder