2024 Symposium May 9 - June 1

Speaking Bush

ARTIST: Asta Vasiliauskaite

HOME: Lithuania

LOCATION: On the east most edge of Nashua Fire Rescue headquarters and Crown Hill station property on East Hollis Street, close to the sidewalk


““My work is a “’speaking bush.’” If you ask me what kind of bush is this and what type of birds are these? But we are these birds sitting in a bush, which symbolizes the planet Earth. We all are very different, but we all have our own unique character. Some are lifted high and still continue to reach yet higher, and others peacefully perch on a branch of the bush, and yet others try to hide inside.”


Asta Vasiliauskaite graduated from the Vilnius Art Institute in 1986. Today she is a member of the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts and has been a member of the Lithuanian Artist’s Association since 1990.  Asta was awarded 1st prize in 2007 at the Lithuanian Art Museum and the Art Gallery of Èiurlionis, Lemont, IL.  Since 1986 she has been the head of the Art Department and teacher of Methidologist at the Shalchininkai Art School.

“It does not matter on which side of the Earth we would be, we are united by one thing: we all want to be happy. And if we are told that we would be happier in the Antarctic rather than in the United States or Lithuania, we would want to go there to try and find happiness.

I am pleased that many Lithuanians have found happiness in Nashua and in the United States. When a person is happy, he shines from inside.

I thank the organizers of this sculpture symposium for my invitation and opportunity to create this piece. I also am thankful to John Weidman, who helped to locate the rock and assisted me at every turn. I also thank Cornelia and Peter Eschborn who so warmly welcomed me into their home. I also thank all the others who cared for me with food and all my other needs during my work. I thank you for all your efforts, and will never forget my time here.”

Speaking Bush -500h
Sponsored by:
Marjorie Hogan in memory of Bob Hogan