2024 Symposium May 9 - June 1

2020 'A Place in Time'

In 2020, the Symposium took a different turn.  We practiced social distancing protocols and scaled back to the basics — artists and sculptures.  We welcomed three local artists, from New Jersey, Massachusetts and Maine.  Our amazing artists created a beautiful set of sculptures, within the theme of “A Place in Time”, which sits beautifully within the trails at Mine Falls Park.

Soft Cones -500w

Soft Cones

Loosely modeled after the Eastern White Pine cone (Pinus Strobus), these three sculptures are in various states of opening and closing.

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MMemorial to Midday -500w

Memorial to Midday

These stones were considered outcasts, rejected by their extractors and cast aside. They have since been broken, assembled, and placed with each other

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