2024 Symposium May 9 - June 1


ARTIST: Ana Duncan

HOME: Dublin, Ireland

LOCATION: Coliseum Avenue entrance of Mine Falls Park


“My starting point for this sculpture was to research the area of Nashua City which is set alongside the meeting of two rivers. I concentrated particularly on the journey of these two rivers; the Nashua and the Merrimack. My sculpture represents the two rivers coming together. The shape of the Sculpture is inspired by the contours and forms the river has cut into the landscape; the larger shape reflects the more pronounced meander of the Nashua River, around the city area, while the smaller form reflects the flow of the Merrimack which is less curved. The work’s overall shape evokes the sails of a boat.”


Ana Duncan works in bronze and ceramic from her studio in Churchtown, Dublin. She constantly returns to the female figure for her subject, though her recent body of work was inspired by patterns and forms in the natural world. Over the years she has assumed a seminally important role in the Irish Woman’s Sculpture Movement. Her exhibitions throughout the years have firmly established her in the niche of an original, unique talent who works within a modernist framework.

The sculpture is located at the Coliseum Avenue entrance of Mine Falls Park, which is one of the most instantly recognizable and vital parts of the City of Nashua. The 325-acre park is bordered on the north by the Nashua River and on the south by the Millpond and canal system. The sculpture is divided by a cut-out form, mirroring this man-made canal system in the Mine Falls Park area. The stainless steel sculpture’s reflective quality provides a contrast with its surrounding landscape.



  • Kathy and Steve Bolton
  • Rick Dowd
  • Kathy and Larry Hersh
  • Bogdan and Mary Ann Melizzi Golja
  • Diane and Mike O’Brien
  • Kim and Rob Shaw
  • Meg and Mike Tabacsko
  • Lori Wilshire