2025 Symposium May 8 - May 31


ARTISTS: Roberta Woitkowski, Margaret Woitkowski, David St. Onge, Danny Tomolonis

HOME: Nashua, New Hampshire

LOCATION: 3 Pine Street


The four members of the Chisel Sculpture and Design team are Nashuans whose families have lived in the city for over 100 years.  This year’s theme, Diversity, is reflected in our design through an interpretation of the globe and structures that emanate from it that represent the seven continents.

Margaret Woitkowski is a retired schoolteacher and volunteer for many groups in the City of Nashua, NH.  One of her volunteer positions was at the Hunt Memorial Library Building, Nashua’s first free standing library.  It was built by Ralph Adams Cram and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Margaret is a co-chairman of the Lithuanian concert series that presents an annual concert in Nashua.  She has worked as a ballot inspector during elections in Nashua and also dabbles in painting.

Roberta Woitkowski worked for many years at Sanders, a large defense electronics firm in Nashua in cost and schedule control.  She is currently the Chairman of the Triangle Credit Union Supervisory Committee, and a past Chairman of Nashua’s Historic District Commission.  Also, she is a former Trustee of the Hunt Memorial Library Building in Nashua, and photographer for The Broadcaster, a weekly newspaper in the Nashua area.  As an amateur photographer, she won an award from the NH Governor’s Wildflower and Lilac Commission’s photograph contest.   Roberta’s background includes classes in art and architecture.


David St. Onge, a native of Lowell, MA, who has lived in Nashua for many years, has extensive experience in hands-on construction and design.  David specializes in detailed, custom carpentry and has worked for Tomolonis Properties for several years.  His designs include innovative solutions.  David’s varied background also includes building machinery for packaging, and making parts for and assembling custom pool cues.  David has volunteered for the Muscular Dystrophy Telethon for many years, has made four donations of his hair to charities that make wigs, and volunteered at the Senior Center in Wilmington, MA.

Danny Tomolonis , who will be the hands-on sculpture fabricator, is a general contractor and owner of Tomolonis Properties, LLC and Tomolonis Painting.  He has many years of experience as a painter and contractor.  In his work, he has to prepare cost and schedule estimates and follow through on his projects.  He coordinates efforts with local government officials as well as tradesmen and the homeowners.  He is a Contractor Supervisor certified in lead paint abatement in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  His company participated in the Project Pawsitive project at EPONA Farm horse rescue in Epping, NH.  His uncompensated contribution to this effort was power washing and painting the horse barn.

Sponsored by:
Darold Rorabacher and Patricia Ahern