2024 Symposium May 9 - June 1

Latin American Bus

ARTIST: Miguel Angel Velit

HOME: Lima, Peru

LOCATION: Ledge Street School


“The public bus is an important feature in Central and South America.  Many people do not have transportation other than the bus.  The bus is an everyday necessity, especially for people of lesser means to get to school, work, and shopping.”


Miguel Angel Velit was born in Lima, Peru in 1962.

Currently he is working on sculptures with social political elements and messages from Peruvian present reality.

His work has been evolving in the last twelve years from the study of synthesis of Inca’s shape and symbols, made up “Totems” or trails in wood and marble, to the study of the planets and space phenomena, which he transforms from dreams to drawings and from drawings to sculptures. His uncut stone and polished marble sculptures incorporate color, texture, concave and convex forms.

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