2025 Symposium May 8 - May 31

Mother and Child

ARTIST: Ennica Mukomberanwa

HOME: Zimbabwe

LOCATION: Roby Park on Spit Brook Road


From the theme Reflections on the River, l chose Mother and Child and thought of it in a way that everything begins with water. A mother who is carrying, embracing a child clearly shows that the mother is the first source of life, nurturing the child from a very small age until they can be on their own. As the two rivers of Nashua meander naturally so as the love of a mother and child.

When I say mother and child, I not only refer to the biological scenario of human life but also to the life of nature, the life of the rivers of Nashua which have brought the community together in the way a mother will always bind families together. A role model admired by the whole community is also explained as a mother and child because as the reflections of the river everyone is benefitting from that source of life.


Ennica Mukomberanwa is the youngest sister in her family. She has been sculpting from early age, just like her brothers and sister. Originally creating small sculptures, Ennica now creates sculptures of larger proportions. Especially fine are her reliefs, such as celebrations, or children playing the hoop or music making. In 2004, Ennica won Woman Artist of the Year, which took her to Stockholm, Copenhagen, Scotland and Canada. Her pieces talk to everyone with their kind and direct message.

Mother and Child-400h


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  • Mary Ann Melizzi-Golja and Bogdan Golja
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