2025 Symposium May 8 - May 31

Pacha Mama

ARTIST: Carina Fabaro

HOME: Argentina

LOCATION: Sullivan Park, at the corner of Marshall and Bowers Streets


“The name “Pacha Mama” comes from the Quechua language of the ancient Incan Empire of northeast Argentina. Pacha Mama means Mother Earth. This sculpture represents the relationship of love and respect we should have with our earth. The metal base connects with the earth while simultaneously embracing the granite spiral which symbolizes life evolving and yet in harmony with its origin.”

Pacha Mama -500w

Carina Fabaro, sculptress and professor, has her degree in Visual Arts (Sculpture). As a sculptor, she has worked in public spaces in different provinces and countries such as Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Spain and Italy.

Participating in individual and group exhibitions, she works with different materials such as wood, stone and materials from nature, as well as metal, resin and waste, in mostly abstract compositions. Carina obtained a scholarship from the of Mexico´s government in 2015 for an artistic residency at UAEM University.

She is currently a professor, teaching future primary and early education teachers about artistic languages.

Pacha Mama - 400h
Sponsored by:
Meri and Charlie Goyette
Bonnie and Ralph Guerico