2024 Symposium May 9 - June 1

The Window of Change

ARTIST: Anna Rasinska

HOME: Poland

LOCATION: 18 N. Southwood Drive roundabout


“Windows give us light.  Windows give us fresh air.  The window asks us how open we are to something new, to change.”

MATERIALS:  Concord, NH Granite

Anna Rasinska is a Polish sculptor who primarily works with stone. Periodically, she also uses materials such as steel, bronze and plastics.
In her work, the greatest value is the form, its logical structure, and at the same time the infinite possibilities of transformation. In 2006, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow in the faculty of sculpture and since then she has been working as a freelance sculptor. She actively participates in symposiums and exhibitions in countries such as South Korea, Turkey, France, Canada, China, Saudi
Arabia, Egypt and Colombia.

Sponsored by:
Bonnie and Ralph Guercio
Katharine Porter
Grace and Jeff Schroeder
David Lee Tiller