2025 Symposium May 8 - May 31

u r a snack

ARTIST: Jim Larsen


LOCATION: 3 Pine Street


“The menacing mouth is suddenly a playful structure when comically oversized.  This mouth is a portal, a gateway, an archway; it is the transitional space between the outside and inside.

Mouths explore texture, shape, form, and taste more precisely than any body part.  Here the expressive, perceptive mouth will be explored at 1,000% scale.

And as you investigate this mouth’s texture, shape, and structure, you are the snack.”

MATERIALS:  West Rutland, Vermont Grey Marble

Jim Larson (b. 1994) is an artist and a builder. He grew up in the Granite State playing in old quarries and working with traditional crafts people. He is a graduate of Hamilton College. The storied ways of working, making, and constructing that Larson learned in his youth are the foundation for his practice today; as an artist, he works collaboratively to investigate and disrupt the conventions of our built environment. His work considers our time-based habitation of this environment. Through playful creations, he seeks to understand how solid geometry constructs and destructs the accessibility of space. Larson lives and works in Portland, Maine.
Sponsored by:
Elaine and George Oulundsen
Galina and Gabor Szakacs
David Lee Tiller