2024 Symposium May 9 - June 1

We Are All Related

ARTIST: Tom Huff

HOME: Seneca Cayuga Nation

LOCATION: Lovewell Pond


Our Haudenosaunee (”people of the longhouse”/Iroquois) culture is based upon the importance of experiencing, realizing, acknowledging and giving thanks to our creator for all the elements found in nature.

We believe a living spirit exists in all nature on earth. Therefore, we are reminded, stone is alive and worthy of communication.

Mankind is not alone on this earth. We live together with all of creation and we are taught to respect and give thanks for the gifts of the creator. This connectedness enriches our daily lives.

Nyawenha – thank you.

We Are All Related2 -500w

Tom Huff, Seneca Cayuga, is a stone sculptor working in a variety of stones, styles, and themes, traditional and contemporary. In much of his work, Huff addresses the current situation of Native Americans mixing cultural, stereotypical, political and autobiographical elements. He began carving stone, wood, and antler at home, inspired by the artists at the Cattaraugus Seneca Nation. He later attended the Institute of American Indian Arts (AFA, 1979) in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the Rhode Island School of Design (BFA, 1984) in Providence, Rhode Island.


Sponsored by:

Janis & John Cosby
Dedicated to
Monty Whitfield
Award winning Nashua artist
Our friend
In his art he loved
incorporating ancient cultures
with elements of nature